Reissue CE Program Certificate


At the completion of our training programs, links to downloadable certificates are sent out and participants are encouraged to save these. So the first step to recovering your certificate will be to check past emails from us or spam.  If a participant does not download or misplaces the certificate, due to the time it takes to fill such requests, it is our policy to charge a fee of $25 for the work involved in confirming participation, finding the appropriate certificate link, etc.. We want you to have what you need, but we’ve found it time consuming to provide backups for misplaced certificates.  If you would like to have us reissued your certificate, please select the Basic Training or In-Person program you attended below and proceed to checkout.

For Advanced Virtual/On-Demand trainings, please email directly with your first name, last name, email, title of the program and date the program was held.  BeaconLive will be able to assist you

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