Mission Statement:
EMDR Advanced Training and Distance Learning, LLC (EMDR ATDL) provides education and training in psychotherapeutic and other mental health interventions to support professional development and effectiveness in the field of human service provision. EMDR ATDL is committed to providing high quality educational programs and specializes in EMDR Therapy basic and advanced training programs, other trauma-informed interventions, and culturally-informed interventions. Program formats include live on-site, livestream telecast, prerecorded video, and book learning programs. Programs are geared toward licensed mental health professionals and meet standards for continuing education credits.

Concerns about program registration, access and CEs 
Accessing video programs: If you have purchased a video program and are having access problems, please contact the Beacon Live video server Help Desk. helpdesk@beaconlive.com They manage the program delivery not EMDR ATDL.

Confirming program registration or payment
Wherever possible aspects of EMDR ATDL programs are designed to work automatically. This helps reduce our costs and fees. Registration and payment receipts are sent out automatically and credit card payments receive automatic acknowledgement and serve as your receipt.

Need CE certificate from a program you attended?
The delivery of CE certificates is built into your program. Distance learning programs automatically lead to downloadable CE Certificates upon completion. Live on-site participants are sent links to CE certificates soon after program completion. We strongly encourage you to store these certificates carefully. If you need that information to be provided again, a $25 fee will be charged and please allow up to a week to respond to your request. Click here to request a new certificate.

Reissue CEU Certificate
Routinely, links to downloadable certificates go out to all program attendees after a workshop or training. In the event that we have not sent something out, we will gladly do so. Otherwise, due to the time it takes to fill such requests, it is our policy to charge a fee of $25 for the work involved in confirming participation, finding the appropriate certificate link, etc.. We want you to have what you need, but we’ve found it time consuming to provide backups for misplaced certificates. Purchase a Reissue CEU Certificate now.

EMDR Advanced Training Extension with Beacon
Click here to get an extension for EMDR Advanced Training programs.

Refund Policy
For live programs, refund policies are on the registration page. Typically, EMDR ATDL offers full refunds until the early bird discount deadline; then 80% until 1 week before training. No refunds are offered with cancellation within the week of the program.

Disability Accommodations
All programs are held in facilities that accommodates mobility limitations consistent with ADA guidelines. Requests for preferred seating and other accommodations can be directed to info@EMDRadvancedtrainings.com.

Complaint and Grievance Procedure
EMDR Advanced Training and Distance Learning, LLC (EMDR ATDL) is committed to providing high quality educational programs to mental health professionals. Participant satisfaction is important to us. Feedback, questions and concerns can be addressed to EMDR ATDL Director Mark Nickerson at info@EMDRadvancedtrainings.com, 413-256-0550, or by mail to:

Mark Nickerson, EMDR ATDL
441 West Street
Amherst, MA 01002

If you have a more formal grievance, please provide written details including: specific concern, context of concern, any past attempts to address the concern, and a desired resolution.

Diversity and Cultural Competence Statement:/strong>
EMDR Advanced Training and Distance Learning, LLC, seeks to promote educational content and teaching methods that are culturally sensitive. We ascribe to a multiculturally inclusive model of societal and professional diversity and seek to create a learning environment that is welcoming, inclusive and informed by the needs of a culturally diverse assembly of professionals. We affirm social diversity such as but not limited to race/ethnicity, nationality/citizenship, gender/gender identity, sexual/affectional orientation, socio-economic status, religion/spirituality, ability/disability, and/or age.

We affirm and strive for cultural competence as an organization in the educational and training programs that we offer, and we ally with the general movement toward cultural competence in health service provision and education. We believe that all clinical interventions need to be implemented with an awareness of cultural and social identity related factors. Wherever possible, clinical interventions need to be broadly applicable, otherwise adaptable to culturally diverse clinical populations, or specifically intended to meet the needs of identified cultural or clinical populations. We seek and provide programs that offer educational content for diverse or underserved clinical populations. We encourage all program presenters to prepare their materials with an awareness of cultural considerations.

We understand that being culturally competent as an organization and as individual professionals is an ongoing commitment and we welcome feedback to assist us in this effort.