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Easy Ego State Interventions: Strategies for Working With Parts

by Robin Shapiro, LICSW
book purchased separately

Easy Ego State Interventions is a user-friendly book that offers simple, practical techniques for a range of client issues. Robin Shapiro explains ego states (from garden-variety roles to extremely dissociated “parts”), how to access functional, traumatized- dissociated, or poorly-adapted states from any developmental stage of life.

In Part I, she explains what ego states are, how to access positive states, safe places, and internal caregivers, and how to work with child states. She gives you create ways to use imagined “safe places” to nurture parts, allow them to release rage, and keep parts safe, organized, and from impeding real-world function.

In Part II, she shows how to work with “garden-variety” clients with simple trauma and relationship issues. Then she shows you how to access and work with and heal the “states” of personality-disordered clients. Suicidal clients often have parts that want to live and parts that feel compelled to die. You’ll learn how to find both, and use several techniques to keep the “want-to-live” parts running the show. The final chapter gives many techniques for dealing with cultural, familial, and abuse-related introjects. You’ll have new ways to clear out inner critics, internalized oppressive voices about gender, race, class, or whatever the clients bring with them, and the “parts” that act inside your clients like the abusers acted to them.

The author has received many reports that practitioners new to ego state therapy have immediately seen their clients through the ego state lens, used new interventions, and have had wonderful results.

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Endorsements for Easy Ego State Interventions
“Grounded in the science of current, state-of-the-art treatment approaches, this book takes the reader directly into therapy sessions and explains theoretical concepts in everyday language. Readers will learn invaluable concepts and methods, made richly practical through close-up case examples, for the assessment and treatment of complex human problems. Robin Shapiro is a highly respected therapist and innovative thinker, particularly with regard to the treatment of trauma. In Easy Ego State Interventions, her deep insights and creativity are evident in every chapter.” — Jim Knipe, PhD, author of EMDR Toolbox
“Robin Shapiro has delivered again. Easy Ego State Interventions is sharply organized, theoretically sound, and eminently practical. It clarifies theoretical concepts with vividly illustrated case examples, making the difficult subject of therapy for complex trauma and dissociation interesting, creative, and do-able. I hope all therapists who have complex trauma clients in their practice will read this book.” — Carol Forgash, LCSW, BCD, co-author and editor, with Margaret Copeley, of Healing the Heart of Trauma and Dissociation with EMDR and Ego State Therapy


Robin Shapiro, LICSW, has been an EMDR practitioner for over 24 years, She is the editor and an author in two EMDR Solutions books, The Trauma Treatment Handbook, and Easy Ego State Interventions. In her books, lectures, clinical consultations, and workshops, Robin strives for plain language, easy-to-grasp concepts, and maximum usability for her readers, students, and consultees. As a frequent speaker at conferences and free-standing workshops in North America and Europe, she teaches about the treatment of trauma, dissociation, depression, attachment issues, bringing sexual abuse survivors to a happy, healthy sex life, and suicide prevention. She provides clinical consultation to groups and individuals in Seattle, and long distance, across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Since her professional beginnings in the 1980s, the awareness of culture, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexual identity have been themes in all of Robin’s work. She’s currently writing How to Do Psychotherapy.


Learning objectives:
  • Describe ego state interventions for working with parts 
  • Define ego states 
  • Describe state-based memories
  • Describe 3 methods for accessing positive states 
  • Describe a method for creating safe places
  • Identify the benefits of establishing internal caregivers for distressed and dissociated parts 
  • List 3 examples of infant and child states 
  • Describe the benefit of ego state work in trauma treatment
  • Describe the benefits of bringing adult capacity to relationships 
  • Describe uses of ego states when working with personality disorders
  • Describe examples of using ego states when working with suicidal clients
  • Describe how to use ego states when pulling out cultural and generational introjects




Key Features:

* Easy-to-read concepts * Easy-to-implement interventions
* Clear overview of ego states * Interventions for the range of dissociation, from none to a lot
* Finding functional states * Working with simple and complex trauma
* Relationship issues: couple work or finding a good relationship * Diagnosing and Healing Personality Disorders
* Interventions with Suicidal Clients * Working with Cultural, Familial, and Abuse-Related Introjects






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